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Open Educational Resources (OER)

About this page

Virtual labs and simulations are tools that offer a space for students to engage with their subject matter interactively. This page is a collection of labs and simulations that faculty can use in the remote learning context. While most are science related, there are resources for non-science disciplines.

Please note that not all resources listed are strictly OER—some may be free but not open.

Other notes:

  • Hub indicates that the resource is a collection of materials from different sources.
  • Much of this content was pulled from this excellent resource: Simulations and virtual labs guide.

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Multidisciplinary resources

Name Description Disciplines offered
Concord Consortium Interactive STEM activities  Physics, chemistry, life science, earth & space, mathematics
EduMedia Interactive resources for learning science Life science, earth science, environmental science and ecology, physics, astronomy, chemistry, technology (engineering), mathematical tools for physics
LabXchange A free online platform for science education from Harvard University Physics, chemistry, biology
Merlot (hub) Curated database of OER from multiple sources that includes virtual simulations Physics, chemistry, biology, agriculture, computer science, engineering, astronomy, math and statistics
Molecular Workbench Standalone program for visual, interactive simulations for teaching and learning science Physics, chemistry, biology, biotechnology
PBS NOVA To access the interactive labs, navigate to a topic page and in the "filter by" box, select "explore." If visiting multiple topics, page needs to be refreshed for filter to work correctly. Physics, physiology, space, physics, biology, engineering, earth science.


Math and science simulations from the University of Colorado, Boulder Physics, chemistry, math, earth science, biology



Engineering and environmental science



Business and Finance

Political science


Anatomy and physiology



Virtual dissection

Virtual microscopes

Molecular biology and genetics

Mathematics & statistics