Media Scheduling

Library Media Services offers classroom media scheduling for traditional audio-visual equipment such as overhead projectors, TV/VCR’s, and slide projectors. Our staff will deliver and pick up the equipment to and from the classroom that has been requested by faculty.

How to Schedule Media Equipment:

  • Faculty may come in person to Media Services, room 1L-201, to schedule audio-visual resources.
  • To order by inter-office mail, send your completed audio-visual (AV) forms – one for each and every show date to Media Services, 1L-201. (Please submit all 3 parts of the AV form). Forms can be picked up at Media Services 1L-201. We can also send them through inter-office mail by request only.
  • To order by phone, contact Elaine (ext.4040) or Denise (ext. 4041) during the following times:
    • Monday thru Thursday, 9:00am – 4:00pm
    • Friday 9:00am – 2:00 pm (after 2:00 pm call ext. 4035 and ask for Stanley or Lillian)

In order to provide high quality, reliable service, requests for an entire semester should be submitted no later than two weeks before the start of the semester. We have a first come, first serve policy, so it is recommended that you place your requests as soon as possible. In the event of a ROOM CHANGE or CANCELLATION, PLEASE INFORM MEDIA SERVICES AT EXT.4041/4040/4035 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Media Equipment Loans:
Media Services also provides faculty with the following equipment for in-person pick-up and return to 1L-201:

  • CD/Cassette players
  • Cassette Recorders
  • Record Players
  • Portable Overhead Projectors
  • Slide Projectors and Trays
  • Laptops and LCD Projectors
  • Digital Audio Recorders
  • Flip Video Cameras
  • Digital Still Camera

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