Library Instruction

Library Learning Lab: 1L-214
Phone: 718.982.3917
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The mission of the Library Instruction Program is to support CSI’s General Education curriculum goal of information literacy and provide students with the skills necessary for college and graduate level discipline-specific research. Library faculty seek to encourage the habits of critical inquiry and lifelong learning which are key elements of participation in a global information society.

Request Library Instruction

To schedule a library instruction session, please click on the following link and fill out the Instruction Request form: Library Instruction Reservation Form.

Please note we require two weeks notice in order to schedule a Library Instruction session, and Faculty members must be present during the instruction session.

For further information on library instruction sessions, contact Prof. Amy Stempler at 718.982.3917 or

Library Workshops for Introductory Level Courses

Library Workshops run from the third week of every semester through the twelfth week of the semester, during Club Hours (3:00 – 4:00 pm). The workshops are also appropriate for introductory level courses such as English 111, SPD 101, SKO 101, and immersion courses such as CLIP and PASS classes.

Unless otherwise specified, all instruction sessions take place in the Library Learning Lab, 1L-214.

For further information on library workshops for English 111, contact Prof. Mark Aaron Polger at 718.982.4065 or