LIB 501 – Beyond Google: Research for College Success

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The course provides students with foundational research skills needed to succeed in college, including how to develop well thought out research strategies, and effectively use library research tools and new media sources. Students will be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and use appropriate information resources in keeping with academic integrity and ethical standards. Students will partake in in-class exercises, quizzes, and will produce a final project in the form of an annotated bibliography.

LIB 501 is a one-credit seven and a half week elective course that meets once a week and is open to all students.

Fall 2014

October 27 – December 15, 2014
October 27 – December 15, 2014
Wednesdays 8:00am – 9:55am
Thursdays 4:40pm – 6:20pm

Spring 2015

Feb 2 – March 16, 2015 Mondays 8:00am to 9:55am
Feb 3 – March 17, 2015 Tuesdays 10:10am to 12:05pm
March 18 – May 6 Wednesdays 12:20pm to 2:15pm
March 19 – May 7 Thursdays 4:40pm to 6:20pm

Information Literacu

Course Objective Example Evidence that Objective Can Be Met
Students will be able to understand key methods and use appropriate tools to identify, locate, and evaluate information. Students will create and update a cumulative class project, and critically respond to weekly course assignments that explore various aspects of the contemporary information environment (e.g., social media, the news media, and scholarly publications).
Students will be able to develop and refine an academic research topic/question. Students will produce a final research project that will culminate in an annotated bibliography on a subject of their choosing.
Students will be able to think critically about information and communications media. Students will demonstrate an understanding of multiple perspectives through participation in classroom presentations and writing exercises.

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