How do I use a computer in the library?

Library Computer Use Policy

The CSI Library provides access to computers for the purpose of conducting online research and accessing the library’s electronic resources. Given the limited number of workstations available, priority is given to students conducting library research or working on course-related assignments. Students who wish to simply surf the web, check their e-mail/Facebook, or play videogames are strongly encouraged to use the facilities at the campus Computer Labs, Cybercafe (IL), or Campus Center (1C).

Logging In

In order to access any computer on campus, including those in the library, students need a computer user ID and password from the Office of Technology Systems (OTS). Students are assigned the following computer login by default.

  • Username: firstname.lastname
  • Password: Csi+student# (# located under your picture on your ID card)


Upon your first login you will be asked to change your password. If you forget your computer login password, go to the OTS helpdesk on first floor of the Library in front of 1L-109A or call 718.982.3695. For more information on accessing campus computers, see Laboratory Login Procedures.

Students and faculty from other CUNY schools, CSI Alumni, and students from Empire State College who wish to use a computer must bring a valid ID to the OTS office in 2A-306D to request a guest computer login for each visit. Please refer to the OTS website for their office hours.


Library computers are equipped with Internet access and basic productivity software such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Additional software options (Visual Studio, Matlab, Minitab, Visio, etc.) are available at the campus Computer Labs.


Students at the College of Staten Island have access to free black and white printing at a limit of 350 sides per semester (Fall and Spring) and a limit of 175 sides each for Winter and Summer semesters.  Students that reach the maximum allowable limit for free printing during any given semester may purchase additional sides at a cost of 10 cents per side. For more information on printing in the library, see our Printing FAQ

Laptop Loan

Currently enrolled College of Staten Island students may borrow a laptop computer for use in the library for a period of two hours. Laptops can be borrowed from the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor of the library. For more information on borrowing laptops from the library see our Laptop Loan FAQ

Wireless Access

Users working from their own laptop computers can access the campus wireless network. For information on how to access the campus wireless network see our Wireless Access FAQ