How do I photocopy/fax/scan documents at the library?

Photocopy Services

The CSI Library has several photocopy machines located on the 1st and 2nd floors. Letter (8.5×11) and Legal (11×14) size copies are 10 cents per page. Ledger (11×17) size copies are 20 cents per page. Photocopies can be purchased with coins or using a card purchased from the copy card vending machine located near the Reference Desk. See the librarian at the Reference Desk for assistance.

Fax Services

The Library Technology Support Center on the first floor of the library (room 109A) offers a public fax machine. Fax service is free but faxes can only be sent within New York City’s five boroughs.

Digital Scanning Services

A digital scanner is available in the Library Technology Support Center on the 1st floor (room 109A). Patrons may save scanned documents to a USB drive. Scanning services are offered free of charge. Scanner use is limited to 15 minutes per session.