How do I access the campus wireless network?

CSI’s wireless network can be accessed from any building on campus. The name of the campus wireless network is CSI-Wireless. To access the wireless network:

  1. Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). As your computer attempts to access the Internet, you will be redirected to CSI’s wireless login screen.
  2. Login using the same username and password you use to login to campus computers. (By default, your username is your firstname.lastname and your password is your Csi+student# [# located under your picture on your ID card]). Visit the Student Helpdesk website for more information about computer login procedures. If you do not know your computer login, visit the OTS HelpDesk in 1L-205 or call 718.982.3695.
  3. After you log on to the wireless network your laptop will be scanned for malicious software, including viruses and trojans. If any malicious software is found, you will need to visit the OTS HelpDesk in 1L-205 before being allowed to access the wireless network.

For more information about accessing the campus wireless network, visit the Student Helpdesk website.