Welcome to the ‘New & Improved’ Kanopy Streaming!

In 2014, the CSI library was the first among CUNY libraries to subscribe to the Kanopy Streaming Video platform. Through this subscription, the library had access to over 200 streaming videos published by Media Education Foundation (MEF). In the fall of 2016, this access was increased exponentially to over thirteen thousand videos across multiple subject areas and an additional series, the Great Courses (TGC). The library is now planning to access the full academic collection, which has close to 30,000 documentary and independent film titles, with top producers such as the Criterion Collection, New Day Films, California Newsreel and PBS, to name a few. How are we able to provide access to over 30,000 film titles?

Kanopy was one of the first global film providers to offer a Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) program, which allows free access to its collections and charges libraries based on one criterion, significant patron usage. The CSI library already has active e-book PDA programs, but Kanopy’s PDA operates somewhat differently in that after significant patron usage, libraries can decide whether to continue to lease access the video or purchase it outright, all while monitoring usage. Hence, this practice allows a library to make more precise purchasing decisions that balance student and faculty demand with a librarian’s subject expertise to make thoughtful and intentional decisions.

What else should you know about the Kanopy Streaming Video platform? Kanopy is an academic based streaming platform with a very user friendly interface and a player that is compatible with screen readers. Most of their videos are Closed Captioned (CC) with transcripts, and the company has made it a priority to CC any video not originally provided by the publisher. You can request this by hovering over the slashed CC icon located next to the title and clicking on the message which will take you to a request form. All videos have Public Performance Rights (PPR), so professors can feel free to show them to a group and/or create clips or playlists for segmented viewings. For those techies out there, connect Kanopy to your Roku device or set up television viewings. The most unique part of Kanopy is the film content, which tends to be independent and documentary in nature, with many foreign language titles. These are films that are hard to find other places. Hundreds of new and recently released videos are added each month. Recently, a faculty member requested the film Mosquita & Mari, and we were able to  provide it through Kanopy.

Feel free to explore the collection at http://csicuny.kanopystreaming.com/. You never know what we currently have access to or might have next!

–Professor Kerry Falloon

NYPL’s SimpleE App – the easy portal to free e-books and audio books

While on the move this summer, why not enjoy listening or reading e-books via your iPad, iPhone, or iPod device?  Are you a card holder of the New York Public Library? Have you heard about their amazing SimpleE app? Sign up for a library card with your public library and gain access to 300,000 free e-books and audio books that you can download to your mobile devices.  This resource has lots of children’s books, as well as loads of fiction and non-fiction for young adults and adults in all the genres.  I encourage you to look up SimpleE in your APP store or GooglePlay.  SimpleE is an app you will never have to uninstall!  NYPL frequently visits the CSI campus during the semester and they always have a full table of interesting items about the various services and resources of NYPL.

–W. Jones

Get your Tech Gadget Here!

Picture of Vengo machineThis spring, we were pleased to welcome another service point to the Library that provides technology accessories. Vengo is a kiosk that sells items such as flash drives, ear phones, and phone chargers for iPhones and Androids. Payment for any of these products is done through one’s credit or debit card and automatic refunds are available if product is not delivered. Two of these kiosks were installed in the 1L building, one by the Cyber Cafe on the first floor and the other on the second floor. Numerous requests for flash drives on a daily basis led us to identifying this kiosk, which is now also available at several CUNY colleges. We welcome any feedback on accessing the Vengo kiosk – just email us HERE.


Event: Narrative Visions of the Willowbrook State School

On Thursday, May 11th, from 2:30 to 3:30pm, the CSI Library’s Archives presents Dr. Obiora N. Anekwe. (1L room 216, Archives)

Unheard Voices of Willowbrook image by Doctor Obiora N. Anekwe

Unheard Voices of Willowbrook, c. 2014
Photograph/Mixed Media on Paper 16 by 24 inches
Original image of building photographed by Dr. Obiora N. Anekwe

Dr. Anekwe wrote the book, Narrative Visions of the Willowbrook State School: An Artistic Survey in Bioethics and Special Education (Ethically Speaking Press, 2016) “to tell stories through art for countless children with special needs who were negatively affected by the former Willowbrook State School.” Dr. Anekwe holds master’s degrees from Tuskegee, Columbia, and Pace Universities in addition to a doctorate in education from Auburn University.

This is a CC CLUE event, and all are welcome.

LIB102 Beyond Google: Research for College Success exceeds goals

Our 1-credit course, LIB102: “Beyond Google: Research for College Success,” set another record in terms of enrollment this academic year with an increase of 50% (119 in Fall of 2016 and 171 in Fall of 2017).  This academic year, we were able to offer three of the five sections as hybrid courses. Although targeted to first-year students as a foundational course for their academic success, the course is open to any student who wants to learn key methods as well as tools to identify, locate, and evaluate information. Other gains from this course includes learning how to develop and refine an academic research or topic/question and learning; citing sources properly; and learning how to think critically about information and communications. For more information about our Fall 2017 sections, please visit http://www.library.csi.cuny.edu/courses/