The DSM-5 eBook!

DSM-5_3DThe DSM-5 eBook!

by Professor Christine McEvilly, Electronic Resources Librarian

The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition (DSM-5) is the primary resource used by American mental health professionals, social workers, and researchers to “diagnose and classify mental disorders.” This resource is now available online at the CSI Library Web Site. The easiest way to gain access to this e-book is to simply type in DSM-5 into our catalog search box.

DSM-5 is supported by Ebook Central reader which allows you to search the full text of the book, or browse for specific chapters using menus on the left. After 5 minutes of reading, or if you choose a download option, you will be asked to log-in to your College of Staten Island SLAS or FLAS account—the same account you use to access library resources off campus or to log into library computers. You will be asked to sign in even if on campus. More information is available in our “Ebook Central help guide” which is linked in the DSM-5 database entry.

If you wish to read offline, you can borrow the book for a day. Choose “Full Download” and follow the instructions to get your free software. It is the same software that the NYPL uses for their e-books, and since all CSI community members can get an NYPL card, why not go to their website for information on how to use your mobile devices, PCs, and tablets for all your pleasure reading needs?

The DSM-5 is a vital guide not just for clinicians, but for researchers defining their studies, students learning about mental health, and even for patients who wish to better understand their diagnoses. The library is happy to have a new way to provide such a vital resource to the CSI community.