Library /Blackboard Integration Pilot Project

What goes together better than pretzels and chocolate? You guessed it: the library and blackboard! Blackboard is CSI’s Learning Management System (LMS) and software that all instructors at CSI have access to. If you are new to Blackboard, it allows instructors to build teaching content online, including uploading files (like readings and the syllabus), creating instructional wikis and blogs, hosting discussion boards for students to comment between classes, and more. If this sounds like a one-stop portal for the digital classroom, you are correct!

The fact that we have access to Blackboard at CSI may be old news, but what’s new, and especially exciting, is that Blackboard has recently upgraded to allow librarians to embed modules into your existing Blackboard classes.

Instructors can collaborate with the library in a few simple ways:

  • By adding library content into your course through the “content collection.”
  • By linking to our online guides through your Blackboard course (in the same location where you add Discussions, Blogs, or Wikis).
  • By instructing your users to visit the Library Tab at the top of the home screen, which will lead you to library research materials that we’ve set up for you.

These features will be available in the Spring of 2016. Please ask us how to use the various tools mentioned above, and we will happily describe what’s possible in more detail.

-Anne Hays