Introducing CUNY OneSearch: A Single Gateway to Academic Resources

CUNY libraries have purchased a new library tool that will change how you perform searches across library collections at the College of Staten Island and other CUNY libraries. We have named it OneSearch and as the name suggests, it searches across the entire CUNY catalog, most databases, e-books, e-journals, and other digital collections. OneSearch provides a “one stop” search that saves you time and provides relevant results from different print and online resources. 1

So, what can you expect from this new search tool? First, CUNY loaded over 6 million catalog records this past summer so library patrons can find the most information, powered by a centralized and comprehensive index.

In OneSearch, you will be searching a wide range of information resources at the same time, exposing the full scope of our library and other CUNY collections hence discovering library resources that you might not be aware of.  There are also other features, such as requesting an item via Interlibrary Loan or checking your library account right from the interface.


Through the OneSearch account, you can also save queries to the e-shelf to be rerun later. When performing a search, a relevancy-ranked results list is produced that will show current catalog status, location, and call number right in the search results. When available, it will also indicate availability in multiple formats and link directly to full-text in a preview window that shows within the results list.

The library added the feature ScholarRank, which will prompt scholar to log their background information into their account to retrieve these more relevant research results. In particular, search results will start reflecting the scholar’s interest in specific materials and highlight items that are of greater value to a researcher through a ranked score.


OneSearch generates quick results that can be further limited such as resource type, subject, collections, creator, journal type, and by Library of Congress classification.  When performing a search across all CUNY libraries, there are limits that will further break down the results by what is held by each CUNY library.

The library where the item is located will be notated in the results list. The benefits of this search tool are evident as a great starting point for any research.


We look forward to you discovering more of our library’s collections with  CUNY’s OneSearch!

-Kerry A. Falloon, Assistant Professor & Acquisitions Librarian