Changes in CUNY Libraries’ Borrowing Policy.


Effective February 14, 2014, the College of Staten Island Library implemented changes required by the CUNY Board of Trustees to increase library fines for students and faculty.

On June 24, 2013 the CUNY Board of Trustees voted to increase library fines from 10¢ per day to 25¢ per day.  They also voted to increase Reserve fines from $1.20 per hour to between $5.00 and $15.00 per hour (specific to type of item).  The Board of Trustees also voted to establish a uniform practice regarding faculty fines across the university.  For several colleges this will represent a change of policy.  The College of Staten Island is one of them and will begin to charge faculty for overdue books and lost books.

A silver lining to this increase is that just this spring, the Council of Chief Librarians, in collaboration with members of the CUNY Circulation Committee, decided to extend loan periods for borrowing books, uniformly across all campuses, with the exception of the number of times patrons will be allowed to renew items borrowed. This extension to loan periods became effective on April 14, 2014.

Loan periods across all CUNY libraries are now as follows: 4 weeks for undergraduate (formerly 3 weeks); 6 weeks master’s students (formerly 3 weeks); 8 weeks for doctoral students (formerly 6 weeks); and 8 weeks for faculty (remains the same).  The CSI Library will increase its online renewal loan period from one to two renewals.  We hope and anticipate that the renewal times will decrease overdue loans.

Wilma L. Jones, Ph.D.
Associate Dean & Chief Librarian