The Greener Library Committee Presents: An Afternoon with Dr. Ashley Dawson


The College of Staten Island’s Greener Library Committee holds a program each semester to raise awareness of environmental issues. On November 12, 2013 Professor Ashley Dawson spoke in the Archives & Special Collections about his scholarship on global climate justice and how it relates to the conversations about debt that have grown in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008. Dawson used anthropologist David Graeber’s scholarship on debt as a way to examine how global climate change relates the environmental debt owed by the global North to the South, and how this debt might be repaid. Newer methods have included carbon trading, which due to green washing has not been met with great results.

Professor Dawson was able to translate a complicated topic into a very accessible conversation. The overriding theme of his talk was that those most responsible for climate change are the least impacted.

The event was attended by over a dozen students, faculty, and staff, who engaged in a lively question and answer period following Professor Dawson’s prepared remarks.

-Prof. Jonathan Cope, Instruction/Reference Librarian and Member of the  Greener Library Committee