Scholarly Activities of Library Faculty 2012-2013

The CSI Library Faculty continues to be active in scholarly activities which include publishing articles and books, seeking grants to support their research, and participating in regional, national, and international conferences and symposia. Below are some highlights of their accomplishments during the 2012-2013 academic year.

 Conference Presentations

Professor James Kaser presented a paper entitled  “Archival Documentation of Emotionally Charged Topics: The Willowbrook State School Example.” At the American Culture Association Conference, in Washington, DC. Professor Jonathan Cope presented a paper entitled “The Politics of Scarcity and the Dystopian Imagination.”, at the Society for Utopian Studies Annual Conference, in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) on October 6, 2012. He also co-presented a conference paper with Professor Jesus Sanabria entitled Lost in Translation: How Non-library Faculty’s Perceptions of Information Literacy Shapes Information Literacy Collaboration and Practice at Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy in Savannah, GA.  Professor Mark Aaron Polger co-presented a paper, with  Professor Amy F. Stempler, entitled, “Library Facelift: Syncing Library Signage with a College’s New Brand” at the Library Management Institute (LMI) Conference in Glenside, Pennsylvania. They also co-presented another paper entitled, “Signs of Change: Rethinking Language, Branding, and Design in Library Signage”, at the Association of Library Communication and Outreach Professionals (ALCOP) Annual Conference in Glenside, Pennsylvania. Locally, they presented their research study entitled “Counting the signs: A Library Signage Audit Examining Language, Branding, and Design”, at the Library Association of the City University of New York (LACUNY) annual winter meeting. In addition,  Prof. Polger was invited to participate on two panel discussions; “Demystifying the Working Life of a New Academic Librarian – What to Expect in the 1st Days, 1st Weeks, 1st Months & 1st Years”, held at Metropolitan Library Council of New York on June 6, 2013, and “Knowing Our Audience: CUNY Students in the Library”, held on May 13, 2013 at the CUNY Graduate Center, as part of the Library Association of CUNY Instruction Committee Spring event.  Professor Stempler and  Professor Polger were also invited to discuss their signage study entitled, “Library Signage: Conducting an Audit and a Replacement Implementation Plan,” at Lehman College, CUNY, on July 23, 2013.


Professor Jonathan Cope co-authored an article with Professor Richard Flanagan entitled “Information literacy in the study of American politics: Using new media to teach information literacy in the political science classroom” in Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian. He also published an article entitled “Librarianship as intellectual craft: The ethics of classification in the realms of leisure and waged labor”, in the journal Knowledge Organization.  Professor Wilma L. Jones co-authored an article entitled “Nah We Yone’s De Fambul Camp: Faciliatating Residence in Displaced African Children,” in the Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies. Professor James Kaser published two encyclopedia articles entitled “Benny Goodman” and “John Philip Sousa” in Jacqueline Edmondson, ed. Music in American Life: An Encyclopedia of the Songs, Styles, Stars, and Stories that Shaped our Culture. NY: Greenwood, 2013.  Professor Mark Aaron Polger co-authored an article with Professor Amy F. Stempler, entitled “Do You See the signs?: Evaluating Language, Branding, and Design in a Library signage Audit” in the journal Public Services Quarterly. He also co-authored another article with Professor Karen Okamoto (John Jay College CUNY) entitled “Who’s spinning the library? Responsibilities of academic librarians who promote”, in the journal Library Management.  Professor Stempler also published an article entitled, “Navigating circular library stacks: a case study on signage” in Reference Services Review.  Professor Andrew Leykam published an article entitled “The Road Not Taken: SFX, ILLiad, and Interlibrary Loan Submission Methods”, in the Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery, and Electronic Reserve.


Professor Rebecca Adler Schiff and Professor Judy Xiao will be going on sabbatical in Spring 2014.  Professor Adler Schiff starts a year-long fellowship leave in Spring 2014 during which she will be doing research for a project supported by a PSC CUNY grant. The project is to compile an annotated guide of documentary films about the Roma.  Professor Xiao will be on sabbatical for the Spring 2014 and Spring 2015 semesters. She will be doing research on and writing about embedded librarian programs, and information literacy education in academic libraries.

Compiled by Prof. Mark Aaron Polger, First Year Experience Librarian