Library Instruction Update

During the 2012/2013 academic year, library faculty taught 274 library instruction classes! This number reflects an increase of over 15% since the previous academic year. This upward trend is a result of providing library instruction to new disciplines, including Anthropology and Economics, as well as a significant increase in providing library instruction to the departments of Business, English, Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology.


The model of weekly workshops is designed primarily for English 111 courses, as well as other introductory level classes, now in its third year. These workshops have a standardized lesson plan and include an assessment quiz in order to measure the Library Instruction Program’s learning outcomes with the College’s General Education curriculum.

“The model of weekly workshops is designed primarily for English 111 courses, as well as other introductory level classes, now in its third year.”

 While the quizzes have produced good scores, a Library Instruction Assessment Subcommittee has been charged with reviewing the assessment data and making appropriate changes. The assessment quiz, workshop handout, and the structure of the workshop has been modified to better meet the intended learning goals and reflect English faculty feedback.

A goal set for the Library Instruction Program was fulfilled in Fall 2013 when we introduced built-in assessment for English 151, College Writing, courses. The assessment includes a pre- and post- test, which is aimed at providing the Program with valuable feedback in order to determine the level of information literacy skills with which students begin the class, their expectations for the session, and what concepts were grasped.

-Prof. Amy F. Stempler, Coordinator of Library Instruction