New Signage Coming Soon to the CSI Library

In response to the College’s new brand, the CSI Library is developing new signage for the library.  Since the library opened in 1993, one may notice that some signs are outdated, redundant, and sometimes confusing.

In consultation with Chief Librarian Wilma Jones, the CSI Library’s AdHoc Committee on signage, led by librarians Professors Mark Aaron Polger and Amy F. Stempler, conducted a comprehensive signage audit in the Spring of 2012.  The results of their audit will be published in an upcoming article in the journal, Public Services Quarterly.  Stay tuned!

The purpose of the audit was to study the usefulness and clarity of the library’s signs.  In 2009, a student survey administered by Professors Polger and Stempler revealed that most students understood the permanent, boxed signage that hangs from the ceiling. The data also illustrated that most of those signs were user friendly and easily understood.  However, after an analysis of the temporary signs (those produced in-house), it became apparent that such signs lacked a consistent design, library “brand,” and unified message.

As a result, the CSI Library will be updating many of the current policy, directional, and informational signs on all three floors.

In the coming months, we hope to develop signs that are:

-More clear and user friendly
-Strategically placed at decision points to help alleviate confusion for patrons
-In accordance with the College’s new branding guidelines.

Continuing with these efforts, the Signage subcommittee plans to create a signage policy, which will address uniformity, consistency, and offer best practice guidelines.  An internal “locator map,” will also help ensure appropriate placement, manage the number of signs, and facilitate regular updating for those that are time-sensitive.

There is no better time than Spring for a signage makeover.  This is an exciting time for the CSI Library and we hope that our new signs make things a little more clearly for you.

Please feel free to email us with any feedback. We’d like to hear from you.

Mark Aaron Polger, Assistant Professor
Instruction/Reference Librarian

Amy F. Stempler, Assistant Professor
Coordinator of Library Instruction