As I See It: Staten Island Through the Lenses of CSI Students

A contest sponsored by the CSI Library Archives & Special Collections

In an era when the environs of American cities and suburbs have become homogeneous, filled with chain stores and prefabricated housing, this contest asked participants to consider what makes Staten Island distinctive from other areas.


Statements by each photographer presenting their view of what makes Staten Island unique and how their photograph captures that quality accompany the images. The photographs on display will become part of the CSI Archives & Special Collections and will aid future researchers in understanding Staten Island. CSI Professor Beatrix Reinhardt played a crucial role in implementing the exhibit.

Students with work featured in the display include: Daniella Catalfumo, Andrea Cella, Jenny Cruz, Lucila Farfan-Narcisse, Juliane Forsyth, Leroy Graham, Alexandra Hunt, Courtney Kennemur, Chris Lee, Jason Malone, Jeremy Pasker,  Emily Peters, Bianca Rosenthal, Jarred Sutton, Tabitha Turchio,  and Alexzander Williams.

A television program on the exhibit is being produced by CUNY-TV and can be viewed online at this URL:
For more information, please contact:

James A. Kaser, Ph.D.
Professor and Archivist
College of Staten Island/CUNY