Introducing LibGuides @ the CSI Library

LibGuides is a content management system designed by the Miami-based Springshare Company.  It has been explicitly designed for use by libraries and librarians.  In this context, the term “content management” designates a program designed to facilitate the creation and sharing of web-based library resources tailored to the requirements of institutions and their patrons.  To date, over 3,500 libraries world-wide use LibGuides to organize and present their resources.

LibGuides allows for easy navigation through and instruction about the relevant sources in specific academic departments, courses, and assignments.  Just as significantly, the program enhances collaboration between librarians and faculty, allowing them to more specifically meet the research needs of a particular department, class, or assignment.  Because the LibGuides program is transparent and flexible, librarians find many uses for it in situations requiring a web presence, whether for public or intra-library use.  LibGuides is used primarily as a vehicle for subject and assignment-specific web pages, a use that has been welcomed with special enthusiasm by department liaisons.  One of the most prominent and innovative features of LibGuides is its incorporation of a variety of options for the types of information that can be included in Guides: simple links, hyperlinked text, images, video, RSS feeds, and user feedback boxes.

All individual LibGuides have a similar structure, consisting of a home page and as many related tabbed pages as a guide’s author wishes.  Likewise, content boxes on a LibGuide have a similar look and feel.  A single institution may have dozens of guides or only a few, according to need and preference.  Users quickly become familiar with the appearance, use and navigation of LibGuides.  This consistency makes the use of Guides across courses and disciplines easier, and encourages users to visit the library website and make use of its research resources.

The CSI library has acquired the LibGuides program and has started the process of creating guides and making them available for specific subject areas and courses.  To access the current list of LibGuides, please visit

If you would like to discuss the creation of a guide for your course, please contact your departmental liaison in the library.  We look forward to working with you.

For more information, please contact:

Naomi Gold, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor & First Year Experience Librarian
(718) 982.4097