Introducing the Music Scores Collection

The College of Staten Island Library Music Scores Collection (currently over 1700 items) consists of two major parts fully accessible to CSI faculty and students and to the whole CUNY community.

The first part comprises of a sizeable collection of miniature scores. These are sheet music published on reduced size paper. The small size makes is unsuitable for use during performances but it is ideal for  music study and analysis. To identify an item as a miniature score, look for a description of it in a bibliographic record of the title.  The second part of the Musical Scores Collection consists of over 750 pieces of performance sheet music, which  were donated to the Library by The Staten Island Chamber Music Players. This great ensemble retired  in 2008 after performing for 34 years in local halls and performance spaces and they decided to donate a large part of their sheet music collection to the College of Staten Island Music Department. The gift has been presented to the College in honor of the College’s  first President’s wife , Mrs. Rose Volpe.

The Music Department  transferred  the collection to the CSI Library for processing and housing. The founder of The SI Chamber Music Players, Georgiana DiMauro, was very pleased to see familiar boxes of musical scores on the shelves in the library Reserves area  during her visit after the dedication concert in November 2011.

The Chamber Music Players gift comprises mostly of classical music arrangements  which were heavily used by the ensemble, but there is also quite a number of scores for popular and jazz musical pieces.

The individual sheets of music  are kept in boxes  and  organized by the method of instrumentation.

Scores are arranged by string and wind (wood or brass) trios, however quartets and quintets form the majority of the collection. There are also scores arranged for larger and mixed ensembles and quite a number of mixed pieces.

Each individual music title has an assigned call number and barcode so they all can be checked out. Most pieces comprise a full score for a director and pieces for individual parts.

Cataloging and processing such a sizeable gift collection was a challenge for the library staff. We are pleased to announce that the collection is accessible via CUNY’s Library Catalog, however the work on updating  and reediting the bibliographic records for  individual titles  is still in progress.

For more information please contact:

Professor Ewa Dzurak
Cataloging Services Librarian
(718) 982-4021