InfoShare Online: A Demographic Tool for New York City

Developed by Professors Leonard Rodberg and John Seley,  CUNY faculty members from Queens College,  Infoshare Online is a free access tool that allows users to access demographic data about New York City.

Infoshare Online gives access to a variety of data; from the national level to the most precise such as profiling each of the 292 neighborhoods of New York City. Data is parsed four ways:

  1. area profile that a user defines (city, borough, neighbourhood, etc.
  2. area comparison (comparing New York City with a specific borough or neighborhood)
  3. two way table (cross tabulation of the number of male births in Brooklyn in 1997)
  4. individual site data (facilities and public school data)

Some examples of data from Infoshare Online include:  population, socioeconomic, business, education, land use, health, housing and vacancy, food, immigration, retail trade, crime, communicable and sexually transmitted diseases, and births and deaths.

Infoshare Online makes it easy to specify the level of data that you need. Data is provided in the form of tables organized by neighbourhood, NYC borough, zip code, City Council district, School district, Police precinct, Congressional district, and health district. Infoshare Online also provides data comparisons such as New York City compared with a specific neighborhood like the St. George neighborhood of Staten Island.  Figure 1 (below) illustrates an example of how we can retrieve the population and sex tables of this specific area of Staten Island.

Figure 1:


Figure 2:

Figure 2 (above) is from the 2010 U.S. Census. The Census is updated every ten years and the data from 2010 was recently loaded in February 2011.   Figure 2 is an example of where one would want to narrow down directly to their specific neighbourhood.  In the following examples below (see Figures 3 and 4), we wish to compare food data with the St. George neighborhood with the entire borough of Staten Island.

Figure 3:


Figure 4:


Infoshare Online is an excellent tool for students who need to conduct statistical research in the Social Sciences, specifically Sociology, Psychology, and Political Science. In addition, Geography students who need to access Census data for specific locations may find Infoshare Online very useful for their research papers.

If you require assistance using Infoshare please ask a Reference Librarian for assistance.

For more information, please contact:

Professor Mark Aaron Polger
Instruction/Reference Librarian
(718) 982-4065