About The Spring 2012 Issue of Library Newswire

Library Newswire is the College of Staten Island Library’s biannual newsletter, available both in HTML and PDF formats.  Library Newswire informs students, faculty, and staff of library services, resources, and other college-wide activities that may be of interest to the College community.  Library Newswire is produced by the CSI Library.


Prof. Mark Aaron Polger, Instruction/Reference Librarian

Editorial Consultant:

Prof. Wilma Jones, Chief Librarian

Contributors for the Spring 2012 issue (in alphabetical order)

Prof. Jonathan Cope
Instruction/Reference Librarian

Prof. Ewa Dzurak
Cataloging Services Librarian

Rachel Jirka, Lecturer
Assistant to the Archivist

Prof. Wilma Jones
Chief Librarian

Prof. Andrew Leykam
Coordinator of Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery

Prof. Mark Aaron Polger
Instruction/Reference Librarian

Prof. Linda Roccos
Coordinator of Electronic Information Services

Prof. Amy Stempler
Coordinator of Library Instruction

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