Library Users Can Select eBooks with MyiLibrary Pilot Program

During the Fall 2011 semester the CSI Library will launch a Patron Driven Acquisitions (PDA) pilot program for MyiLibrary eBooks. PDA is an exciting new way that libraries are collaborating with patrons to build collections of eBooks for academic libraries.

Traditionally, librarians evaluated the collections held by their institutions and considered various factors, including academic programs offered, curricular concerns, and trends in scholarship when selecting new additions that they thought might someday be needed by patrons. Unfortunately, this method often led to the purchase of books that may never have been pulled from the shelf and used. With PDA library users have the opportunity to choose the books that they need at the moment when they need them. This also increases the likelihood that these books will be used by other patrons as well, instead of possibly sitting neglected as a record in the library’s online catalog as some books in the past sat on shelves collecting dust.

Here’s how PDA works: Librarians review their library’s holdings and the needs of their institution to create a collection profile. The librarians then work with eBook vendors to create extensive lists of titles in various subject areas based on the library’s collection profile.

All of the titles included can potentially be added to the library’s collections, but none are purchased unless used more than once. A bibliographic record for each eBook listed is then imported into the library’s catalog. If a patron searching for information on a topic finds a title from a PDA selections list, they can access the full text contents of the eBook immediately.

When the eBook is opened and used a second time, it is automatically purchased and added to the library’s collections. PDA has been used successfully to build useful collections of eBooks at the libraries of many college and universities worldwide.

This Fall information for MyiLibrary eBook titles will be entered into the CSI Library’s online catalog. We hope that many will be helpful in your research and that you find this new initiative rewarding. We appreciate your help in building and strengthening our collections.

For more information please contact:

Prof. Timothy Hasin
Acquisitions Librarian
(718) 982 4025