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1. Egyptian bronze miniature figurine of ISIS with the child HORUS (Ax54.111.11 )

2. Egyptian blue faience SHAWABTI or servant figurine (A70.70.26)

3. Egyptian painted terracotta SHAWABTI or servant figurine (A70.70.29)

Isis is one of the favorite Egyptian divinity, from earliest times down into the Ptolemaic and Roman periods. Here she wears the horned crown of Hathor and holds the child Horus, conceived with Osiris.

Shawabti figurines were found in tombs of men and women; they represent servants and are to carry out the duties necessary for life in the afterlife.



4. Greek terracotta statuette of WOMAN (A1746)

5. Greek terracotta statuette of GIRL near column (A70.7.31)

6. Greek terracotta statuette of GIRL in peplos

7. Greco-Roman terracotta statuette of NIKE or VICTORIA (A1745+1985)





Greek terracottas provide some of the most lively images of real people that are left to us. Women are favorite subjects, much more so than men, not only because women often dedicated these objects, but perhaps because women's clothing and accessories provided a much more interesting appearance.



8. Greek Athenian red figure lekythos with GIRL running (A1605)

9. Greek Athenian miniature red figure lekthos with GIRL running (A1641)

10. South Italian red figure skyphos with WOMAN seated (A1987)





Woman appear quite often on red figure vases in the Classical period, for many of the same reasons as the terracotta statuettes. Women's subjects were favorite themes, such as weddings imagery and scenes with brides. The elaborately jeweled and coiffed woman on the skyphos may be such a figure.



11. South Italian red figure pelike with HEAD OF WOMAN (A1608)

12. South Italian red figure kantharos with HEAD OF WOMAN (A1607)





Heads of women are another popular theme, particularly on fourth-century BCE South Italian vases.




13. Roman terracotta statuette of ROMA or MINERVA (A1752)

14. Roman terracotta statuette MUSE with lyre (A1734)

15. Greek terracotta statuette WOMAN & CHILD (A1984)




16. Greek terracotta head of GODDESS wearing polos headdress (56.85)

17. Greek terracotta head of GODDESS wearing veil (A1756)

18. Greek terracotta statuette of GODDESS riding donkey? (#56)




19. Roman marble statuette of VENUS GENETRIX (A70.7.37)

20. South Italian painted vase in form of FEMALE HEAD (A1774)

21. Greco-Roman terracotta female heads (A1758)