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Undergraduate Research Conference 2003

The College of Staten Island will hold its second Undergraduate Research Conference on April 10, 2003. Students majoring in all disciplines CSI offers will have the opportunity to present projects, both scholarly and creative, that have been mentored by a CSI faculty member. The major goals of the conference are:
(a) Recognition of undergraduate research and creative work as highly valued teaching and learning experiences at the College.
(b) Celebration of academic excellence.
(c) Promotion of student-faculty collaboration and interaction in all aspects of teaching/learning.
The Conference is open to the entire campus community and friends of the College. Students are especially encouraged to attend the conference, which is CLUE certified. Students will encounter the research and creative work of undergraduates like themselves and be encouraged to undertake their own projects.

Kathleen Ratcliffe, CSI 2004
from SLS 301 Class Fall 2002

Elementary Education Class - The Ancient World

Following a presentation on archaeology in the ancient world and the place of material remains in reconstructing ancient societies, the class of future teachers led by Prof. Theodora Politi created lesson plans and project activities for young children based on the objects in the Archaeology Study Collection. They focused on burial customs, and made samples of pots based on the Greek vases, masks based on a Roman head, and jewelry after some Egyptian necklaces.

SIIAS Lunch & Learn April 2001

Members of the Staten Island Institute of Arts & Sciences enjoyed a cultural day at CSI, with a lunch in the Park Cafe followed by a lecture on the objects in the Study Collection presented by the co-curators Prof. Eric Ivison and Prof. Linda Roccos. Questions about collecting and preservation made for a lively discussion.