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AUGUSTA: http://www.fortunecity.com/littleitaly/amalfi/13/shipa.htm
The Barque AUGUSTA, 599 tons, launched in December 1841, for R. D. Wilmot, and was sold to Leith in 1843, was registered in Glasgow in 1845, in Sligo, in 1852, was sold from Liverpool to "foreigners" in 1870. Then she returned to the Liverpool registry as TRAVANCORE, seven entries later, and again went to Glasgow in 1871. [Saint John Ships and Their Builders, by Esther Clark Wright, DLitt.] - [Posted to The ShipsList by Gery Swiggum - 9 February 1998]

Australian trips of the AUGUSTA:

Arrival Quebec to Liverpool 1840 Jan 15
Departure Liverpool to New Orleans 1840 Apr 17 barque
Probable Glasgow to New York trip 1848
Clearance Port Adelaide to Madras 1849 Dec 31
Arrival San Francisco to Sydney 1852 Jun 10 barque

ANGLIA: http://www.fortunecity.com/littleitaly/amalfi/13/shipa.htm
The SS Anglia with a picture of the ship http://www.norwayheritage.com/p_ship.asp?sh=angl1
The "Anglia" was built by A.Stephen & Sons, Glasgow (engines by Finnieston Steamship Works, Glasgow)in 1869 for the Anchor Line. She was a 2,253 gross ton ship, length 325.3ft x beam 35ft, clipper stem, one funnel, three masts (rigged for sail), iron construction, single screw and a speed of 12 knots. There was capacity for 100-1st class, 80-intermediate and 700-steerage passengers. Launched on 23rd Oct.1869, she sailed from Glasgow on her maiden voyage to Moville (Ireland) and New York on 29th Jan.1870. Her 39th and last voyage on this service started on 5th Aug.1874 and between 1874-76 she made five Glasgow - Mediterranean - New York - Glasgow voyages. Between 1876-78 she completed 12 London - New York round voyages, 1878-79 Glasgow - Liverpool - Bombay (3 Round Voyages), 1879 Glasgow - Mediterranean - New York - Glasgow (2 Round Voyages). In May 1880 she instituted a new London - Halifax - Boston service, but on the 3rd homeward crossing from Boston, she collided with the barque "Trongate" in the Atlantic and sank on 6th Sept.1880 with 200 head of cattle on board. All passengers and crew were taken off safely. [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P. Bonsor, vol.1, p.455] - [Merchant Fleets by Duncan Haws, vol.9, Anchor Line] - [Posted to The ShipsList by Ted Finch - 7 September 1998]

ACADIA: http://www.norwayheritage.com/p_ship.asp?sh=acadi
SS Acadia made 35 trips to the Mediterranean from 1875-89. Constructed of iron, clipper bow, 1 funnel and 3 masts. Her register tonnage was 592, date and port of initial registry was; 6th December, 1866. Glasgow. The engine was built by D. & W. Henderson's "Finnieston Steamship Works", in Glasgow. The Acadia had a single screw, and was powered by a compound engine, delivering 96 HP., which gave her a service speed of 9 knots. Rebuilt: lengthened 264.8ft x 26.4ft x 20.2ft, tonnage 1,082 gross, 697 register. Compound engine by D. & W. Henderson. cylinders; 53 and 29 inc. Stroke; 3 feet. 200 HP. Registered after rebuilding on Aug. 18, Glasgow

History of the Anchor line:


History of the Anchor Line:


Anchor Line Labels:


Anchor Line from ShipsList http://www.theshipslist.com/ships/lines/anchor.html

Shipyard that built the ships: http://www.portglasgow4u.co.uk/shipyards/lithgows.html

The MacDonald Collection: Ships and Shipping


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