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  1. Globular VASE. Calcite, Egyptian

  2. Two statuettes of ISIS with HORUS.Terracotta (A3285.3); Bronze (Ax54.111.11)

  3. Four statuettes of OSIRIS (Late Period). (58.68; A449.2; 58.68.8 - A449.3; A1848 (seated); AX54.111.9.2)

  4. Four SCARABS (Beetle-shaped amulets) Heart scarab with human face, steatite (AX54.111.8a); faience, A58.68.4; A70.7.20; A70.7.10)

  5. Two statuettes of the APIS BULL. Bronze, Late Period, 712-30 BCE (Ax54.111.2.1; Ax54.111.2.2)

  6. Kneeling Rower, perhaps an Oarsman from a Model Ship. Wood with polychromy. Middle Kingdom(?), c. 2040-1790 BCE (58.5)

  7. MACE HEAD, green Diorite. Old Kingdom? c. 2675-2170 BCE

  8. Recumbant LION, Sacred to MUT, Consort of AMON (A1960)

  9. MACE HEAD showing HORUS in the form of a Hawk. Bronze. 663-535 BCE (A56.73.1)

  10. Amulet of ANUBIS. Late Period, 712-30 BCE (Ax54.111.6c)

  11. Four amulets of EGYPTIAN GODS of the Late Period, 712-30 BCE: SEKHMET (Ax54.111.64); OSIRIS; ANUBIS (Ax54.111.6d); BASTET as a cat (A58.68.3)


  1. Canopic jar lid representing IMSETY, one of the four GENII of the DEAD. Wood, painted (A58.3.2)

  2. Hand of a MUMMY. Embalmed human tissue and linen (L78.21)

  3. Necklace of beads and amulets. Modern stringing, faience (A70.7.15)

  4. Necklace of beads with SHAWABTY figurine. Modern stringing, faience (A70.70.17)

  5. SHAWABTY figurine. Wood with traces of gesso and polychromy. Egyptian. (A70.70.29)

  6. SHAWABTY figurine with hieroglyphics. Faience (A70.70.26)

  7. Eight SHAWABTY figurines, some with hieroglyphics. Faience and terracotta with polychromy. (E.26; E.27; A449.4; Ax54.111.56; 58.68.5 (E.24); A70.70.27; A70.70.28)

  8. Ten SHAWABTY figurines, some with hieroglyphics. Faience. (A449.6; A3285.1; A3285.4; A3285.6; inv. 89; A449.7; A56.50.4; A56.80.3.A; A58.68.5, A58.68.6)


  1. Mesopotamian Cuneiform TABLET, with 5-6 lines of script. Terracotta (inv. 84)

  2. Geometric MACE HEAD, with incised decoration. Bronze. Greek, 8th century BCE (A55.93.1)

  3. Geometric THYMIATERION (censer), decorated with worshippers and dolphins. Greek, 8th century BCE. Terracotta. (A54.90.17)

  4. Three miniature figurines of GODS or KINGS. Man wearing kilt. Iron. Levant, 7th-6th century BCE(?) (inv. 82); Egyptian-style figure. Bronze, with traces of gilding. Levant, 7th-6th century BCE. (58.68.7); Daedalic-style figurine. Bronze. Early Greek, 8th century BCE(?). (inv. 84)

  5. Globular JUG decorated with painted bands. Terracotta. Early Greek or Cypriot(?) (A 77.5.12)

  6. Geometric OINOCHOE. Terracotta. Greek, 8th century BCE. (A2065)

  7. Four pieces of Early Greek POTTERY. East Greek(?), 8th-6th century BCE.
    Back: Left - Goblet (A1663); Right - Askos (A1651). Front: Left - Kylix (A1614); Right - Kylix (A1652)

  8. Archaic statuette of a GODDESS wearing polos and jewelry. Terracotta. East Greek(?), 6th century BCE. (56.85)

  9. Cypriot Archaic MALE HEAD, wearing a conical helmet. Limestone with traces of polychromy. Cyprus, 6th century BCE. (58.68.9)

  10. Bronze spear head.