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1. FLASK and two globular BOTTLES. Blown clear glass with greenish tint, with applied thread, and blown green glass. Near East, 3rd-5th cent. CE (A 66.2.4)

2. Two BOWLS, with eight applied handles at lip. Mold-blown green and blue glass. Eastern Mediterranean, 3rd-4th cent. CE (A66.7.38; A66.7.39)

3. 'Pillar Molded' BOWL, with ribbed body. Green glass, formed in a mold. Near East or Italy, late 1st cent. BCE-1st cent. CE (A66.2.14)

4. Three wine JUGS with strap handles; one with applied thread on neck. Blown green and purplish-brown glass. East Mediterranean, 3rd-5th cent. (left to right: A 1968.2.19, no number, A 66.2.20)

5. Two footed BEAKERS for wine. Blown green and bluish glass, one with applied blue thread. Syro-Palestinian?, 3th-4th cent. CE (A66.2.12; A66.2.13)

6. PLATE, with ring foot and vertical rim. Mold-pressed bluish glass, Syria or Egypt, 3rd-4th cent. CE (A66.2.2)

7. Statuette of MINERVA or ROMA (A1752); Statuette of CUPID holding a torch (A70.7.32); Statuette of HERCULES (A70.7.34). All terracotta and red slip. Egypt or East Mediterranean, 1st-2nd century CE

8-9. Roman mold-made LAMPS, with various scenes on discii. Terracotta and red slip, 1st-3rd cent. CE

10-11. PERFUME BOTTLES, three so-called 'TEAR BOTTLES' with tall necks. Blown green glass. 2nd-4th cent. CE (2943; A60.29; A80.50; A2015; A2943);

12-13. Three SAINT MENAS PILGRIMAGE FLASKS, with orant St. Menas flanked by kneeling camels. Mold-made terracotta. Byzantine Egypt, Abu Mena, 6th-7th century CE. (A1811; X56.30.37; X56.30.39)

14. Coptic TAPESTRY roundel. Wool on linen. Byzantine Egypt, 6th cent. CE (A84.2.2)

15. Greco-Roman transport AMPHORA. Terracotta with red paint. Rhodian(?), 2nd-1st century BCE

16. Two Etruscan votive FIGURINES. Bronze, 4th-3rd century BCE (A58.68.10-11)

17. Etruscan bow-shaped FIBULI (pins). Bronze, 7th-6th century BCE

18. Roman statuette of VENUS GENETRIX. White marble, 2nd-3rd century CE (A70.7.37)

19. Roman statuette of nude VENUS, based on a popular type. White marble, 1st-2nd cent. CE (A70.7.36)

20. Roman Republican portrait of a MAN. (two views) Marble. From Baiae, 1st century BCE (A63.83.2)

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