SLS 301 Artifacts Project Assignment # 22

"Egyptian Religion and Images of the gods Osiris, Anubis, and Thoth"


Five statuettes of OSIRIS. Bronze, Late Period, 712-30 BCE. (58.68; A449.2; 58.68.8 - A449.3; A1848 (seated); AX54.111.9.2)
Head of SACRED IBIS BIRD (THOTH). Bronze, XXVI Dynasty, 664-525 BCE (A56.80.1).
Miniature Amulets of Egyptian Gods OSIRIS and ANUBIS. Late Period, 712-30 BCE (not pictures)
Amulet of ANUBIS. Late Period, 712-30 BCE (Ax54.111.6c) (not pictured)