Choice Reviews, June 1999, 36-5384

Dixon-Kennedy, Mike.Encyclopedia of Greco-Roman mythology. ABC-Clio, 1998.

Dixon-Kennedy's intention in writing this resource is to provide direct and reliable information about the major and some minor characters in the myths and legends of the Greeks and Romans. The author has based the entries on Homer, Virgil, and Robert Graves's Greek Myths, adding his own interpretations to many accounts. Curiously, he provides at the beginning an overview of Greek civilization but not of Roman. Entries range in length from a few sentences to several columns and include pronunciation, origin of the name, and variant spellings. In some entries, brief historical and cultural explanations are provided as well as cross-references to other entries. There are no illustrations. The Roman entries are quite succinct, especially compared to Pierre Grimal's Concise Dictionary of Classical Mythology (CH, Mar'91). Recommended for secondary school students and lower-division undergraduates. -- M. C. Su, Pennsylvania State University, Altoona Campus.