College of Staten Island
Undergraduate Research Conference 2003

Project from the SIIAS@CSI Archaeology Collection
Kathleen Ratcliffe, CSI 2004
Student of Prof. Eric Ivison
in SLS 301 Fall 2002

The College of Staten Island held its second Undergraduate Research Conference on April 10, 2003. Students majoring in all disciplines CSI offers will have the opportunity to present projects, both scholarly and creative, that have been mentored by a CSI faculty member. The major goals of the conference are:
(a) Recognition of undergraduate research and creative work as highly valued teaching and learning experiences at the College.
(b) Celebration of academic excellence.
(c) Promotion of student-faculty collaboration and interaction in all aspects of teaching/learning.
The Conference was open to the entire campus community and friends of the College. Students are especially encouraged to attend the conference, which is CLUE certified. Students will encounter the research and creative work of undergraduates like themselves and be encouraged to undertake their own projects.

Photographs by Prof. Linda Roccos, 2003