Selections from the
Staten Island Institute of Arts & Sciences

Co-curated by
Dorothy D'Eletto (CSI '93, '00) and
Patrica Gentile-Salmon (CSI '97, '99)

At the College of Staten Island Library
from October 2001

This exhibit features historical photos of Staten Island from the History Archives & Library of the Staten Island Institute of Arts & Sciences.

These historic photographs enable the viewer to see how Staten Island has evolved. Our culture, society and heritage can be compared, and deductions discerned through the past works of the numerous photographers featured. In capturing the past, and contemplating the present, a number of factors can be examined and their evolution traced. Environmental changes, which have become so very important, are documented. Ethnic and racial transformations from previous centuries can be understood. The changing role of women, historic preservation and transportation issues, all of which are of major importance, can be analyzed. These photos indicate the metamorphosis of a people and place that some would like to ignore, while others would view as cause to celebrate. No matter where our feelings lie, all can agree that the movement of the years and its affect on our citizens, are a fascinating topic for documentation on film.

The History Archives & Library of the Staten Island Institute of Arts & Sciences contains over 60,000 images including the works of over 150 photographers. Within the Photograph Collections, the majority are family portraits. Some of the best known photographers of the late 19th century are represented. They include Brady; Anthony and Company; Addis; Dana of Fifth Avenue; and Rockwood. Photographers of the 20th century include Howard H. Cleaves, the Loeffler Family, Anthony Lanza and Caesar Nicolai.

Collections found within the History Archives & Library include, but are not limited to:

Photo: "Husband & Wife," Photographer: Reilly Studios, Port Richmond, October 1, 1912. From the Photograph Collection of the Staten Island Institute of Arts & Sciences
List of Photographs in the CSI Exhibition

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