Prof. Eric Ivison, College of Staten Island

Group Primary Source Assignment:

A letter from Rear Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, Duke of Brontė to Captain Foley,
dated HMS Victory, August 10, 1804. (page 49)

Assignment from prior class:
"A document of the American Civil War"

(Page 135)
John Rocco Roberto, 2004, "Stephen R. Mallory Letters"

List of Primary Source Assignments:

All documents are from the MacDonald Scrapbook
compiled by Mrs. Eliza MacDonald of Clifton, Staten Island, in the 1870’s and 1880’s.
(Loaned to CSI in 2004 by Barbara Gardner,
Great-Granddaughter of Eliza and present owner of the Scrapbook)

1. Business documents from the Anchor Line Office (Henderson Bros.), 7 Bowling Green, New York.

(Pages 10, 41, 87a, 100b)

2. Documents relating to the S.S. Great Britain.

(Pages 16, 17)

3. Letter from American artist James D. Smillie.

(Page 94, 94a)

4. Letter from Howard Payne, American author.

(Pages 147a, 147b, 147c)

5. Letters from Martha Lamb, historian of New York City.

(Pages 50a, 50b, 50c, 50d)

6. Letters relating to the S.S. Great Eastern.

(Pages 1, 3a, 3b)

7. A letter from the office of the New York Observer, newspaper.

(Page 151)

8. Letter from Garibaldi, Italian patriot, to antonio Meuci, Staten Island Inventor.

(Page 19)

9. Letter fragment from Cavour, former Prime Minister of Piedmont-Saxony (Italy).

(Pages 19a) 19b)

10. Letters from local academics: James McCosh to Francis MacDonald and H. Dusler (?) to James McNamee

(Pages 11, 96f, 96g)

11. Copy of a letter from HRH Princess Charlotte to her mother, Queen Caroline of Great Britain.

(Pages 40a, 40b, 40c. 40d, 40e, 40f. 40g, 40i)

12. Documents relating to the career of the Rev. Warren Rockwell, local clergyman of the Presbyterian church.

(Page 70, 71, 141a, 141b, 153)

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