April 2013

An Afternoon with Dr. Alan Benimoff. The College of Staten Island Greener Library Committee hosted a lecture by Professor Alan Benimoff, in which he discussed his groundbreaking research on Hurricane Sandy and what we must do to protect Staten Island from future storms.

March 2013

CSI Author Talks. Professors David Allen, Jay Arena, Hildegard Hoeller and Chris Verene spoke about the research that went into writing their books.

November 2012

How Food Stopped Being Food. In the last half decade, the world has seen two devastating spikes in the price of food, and a third may be on the way. In 2008 and 2010, farmers gathered record wheat harvests, yet more people starved than ever before—and most of them were farmers. How is that possible? Professor Frederick Kaufman investigates the hidden connection between global food and global finance by asking the simple question: Why can't delicious, inexpensive, and healthy food be available to everyone on Earth? His investigation reveals that money pouring into the global derivatives market in grain futures is having astonishing consequences that reach far beyond your dinner table, including the Arab Spring, bankrupt farmers, starving masses, and armies of scientists creating new GMO foods with U.S. marketing and shipping needs in mind instead of global nutrition.

October 2012

Staten Island and the War of 1812. National Park Service Ranger Jason Wickersty presented a slide-illustrated lecture concerning the crucial transformations the War of 1812 brought to Staten Island and the New York City harbor.

March 2012

Getting Your Book Published: A Panel Discussion. CSI Faculty authors discussed the publishing world and gave advice for those interested in publishing a first book. Speakers included: Neo Antoniades, Associate Professor, Department of Engineering Science & Physics; Gregory Cheplick, Professor, Department of Biology; Sandra Gambetti, Associate Professor, Department of History; David Gerstner, Professor, Department of Media Culture; Richard Powers, Professor, Department of History; Ying Zhu, Professor, Department of Media Culture.

February 2012

Portraits of Leadership: African-American Entrepreneurs on Staten Island, a curator talk given by Jeannine Otis from the Staten Island Museum. Ms. Otis discussed her concept for the exhibition, the challenges she faced in putting it together, and other stories behind the exhibit.

November 2011

CSI Faculty Author Talks. This semesters speakers included Prof. Irina Lyublinskaya and Prof. Judit Kerekes from the Department of Education, Prof. Edward D. Miller from the Department of Media Culture, Prof. Nan M. Sussman from the Department of Psychology, and Prof. Christopher Hale from the Department of Education.

October 2011

Archives History Day 2011. In preparation for a book on the Seguine House, an 1830s mansion in Prince's Bay, Mary Bullock researched the structure and its history. She discussed the challenges she faced in identifying and using archival materials to find out about the house and the family which built and lived in it from more than 150 years. This event was held in conjunction with SI 350 (the year-long observance of the 350th anniversary of the settlement of Staten Island) and Archives Week.

A Sampling of Staten Island Architecture. An exhibit on display in the Volpe Rotunda gallery space. Featuring four centuries of Staten Island architecture, the exhibit's themes included industry, rural retreats, beach resorts, and public buildings.

September 2011

On display in one of the galleries of the Volpe Rotunda in the CSI Library was a photographic exhibition entitled: 9/11 Aftermath: The World Trade Center Recovery at Fresh Kills. Building on its mission to document recent history on Staten Island, the CSI Library Archives & Special Collections embarked on a public information and archival documentation project to preserve historical resources that will aid future researchers to understand the immediate response of Staten Islanders to September 11, 2001. As part of this on-going effort to document the story of Staten Islanders on 9/11, the CSI Library Archives & Special Collections holds a digital collection of photographs taken by Mark Schaming, Director of Exhibitions and Education at the New York State Museum, during his time at the Fresh Kills recovery site from 2001 to 2002.

April 2011

The Greener Library Committee hosted an event entitled "Local Green Initiatives." Members of Green Thumbs, CSI's own community garden club, discussed the challenges and rewards of maintaining a community garden. Representatives from the Greenbelt Conservancy, Karen Roos and Beth Nicholls, offered tips on reducing your carbon footprint.

March 2011

CSI Faculty Author Talks, Spring 2011. CSI Faculty members spoke on their recent publications. This semester we welcomed Leonard Ciaccio (Department of Biology), David A. Gerstner (Department of Media Culture), Kenneth Gold (Department of Education), Timothy Gray (Department of English), and James Kaser (Department of the Library).

January 2011

Featuring Robert Padovano and Mary Bullock, two Staten Island artists, Going Places: Transportation in Paintings and Photos celebrates the history of the Staten Island Railway and transportation on Staten Island. The exhibition took place at the College of Staten Island Library , in the Volpe Rotunda and in the Archives & Special Collections. An opening reception took place on January 20th with an informational talk by Kenneth Gold of the Department of Education.

December 2010

The Department of English held a poetry reading in the Archives. Amy King and John Murillo presented their works.

November 2010

The Department of English held a number of poetry readings in the Archives. Thomas Sayer Ellis, Brenda Shaughnessy, and Jeffrey McDaniel gave readings.

Professor George Emilio Sanchez (Chair of the Department of Performing and Creative Arts) gave a performance of Inca Jew. Professor Dalia Kandiyoti of the Department of English discussed certain elements of Professor Sanchez's piece.

October 2010

The Greener Library Committe sponsored a program on "Katrina: Five Years Later." The panel discussion focused on the sociological effects of Hurricane Katrina and the volunteer efforts in the aftermath of the storm.

History Day 2010. Phillip Papas of Union County College spoke about his personal experiences while conducting research for his book, That Ever Loyal Island: Staten Island and the American Revolution. Professor Kenneth Gold (Department of Education) spoke on Staten Island's link to the rest of New York City.

September 2010

CSI Faculty Author Talks, Fall 2010. CSI Faculty members spoke on their recent publications. Jessica Burke (Department of English) spoke on the mythology of Doctor Who and Matthew Solomon (Department of Media Culture) spoke on professional magicians and silent film. Todd Craig and George Jochnowitz spoke on their recent creative works.

October 2009

Archives History Day 2009. Barnett Shepherd, former director of Historic Richmondtown, spoke on the history of Tottenville. Erin Urban, founding executive director of the Noble Maritime Collection, discussed her book on Caddell Dry Dock.

February 2009

Steven G. Fullwood, project director for the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture’s Black Gay and Lesbian Archive, discussed the development of the archival project; its potential impact on the black, queer, and general research community; and the challenges of saving endangered and under-documented cultures.

October 2008

Archives History Day 2008. Amy Stempler, CSI Reference Librarian, gave a talk on the Jewish Historical Society of Staten Island. John Harlan Warren, Education Specialist at the National Parks of New York Harbor Education Center, discussed the immigrant experience as part of an oral history conducted in a public high school setting.

September 2008

The CSI Archives and Special Collections will hosted a program and reception marking the 100th birthday of Staten Island journalist and author John Sampson. Sampson emigrated from Liverpool, England to Staten Island when he was a twelve year old. During his newspaper career he wrote for widely circulated New York City and London newspapers, including a twenty-nine year stint as chief American correspondent to the London Daily Herald. Sampson was also the author of eight novels. CSI Archivist James Kaser presented a brief slide-illustrated overview of John Sampson’s life and career and the collection of his papers held by the CSI Archives.

June 2008

The official photographer of the Unterberg Poetry Center at the 92nd Street Y, Nancy Crampton has taken hundreds of photographs of authors, many of which have become the iconic image of the writer. Ms. Crampton presented a slide-illustrated discussion of her work entitled “35 Years of Photographing Writers.” She highlighted some notable moments of her career, answered questions, and afterwards signed copies of the book on which the exhibition is based (Writers: Photographs by Nancy Crampton, Norton, 2005).

November 2007

Erika S. Svendsen and Lindsay Campbell, social scientists with the USDA Living Memorial Project, shared information about the Staten Island Living Memorials. The Living Memorials Project, instituted through a directive from the United States Congress, invokes the resonating power of trees to bring people together by providing cost-share grants to community groups interested in creating commemorative landscapes to memorialize 9/11 victims. During this event, Svendsen and Campbell presented the Archives a collection of photographs and oral history transcripts documenting the Staten Island 9/11 memorials.

October 2007

Archives History Day 2007. Maria Liriano described how researchers can explore the past using NYPL's free access computers and links. Ms. Liriano is the Assistant Chief of the Milstein Division of U.S. History, Local History, and Genealogy at the New York Public Library. Steve Salgo and Barbara Judy from Fort Wadsworth talked about the interpretive programs at the For Wadsworth site. Denis Rompilla discussed the importance of preserving historical structures. She is on the Board of Directors of the Preservation League of Staten Island and works as an art consultant for the Army Art Collection at the Center of Military History in Washington, D.C.

Cal Snyder discussed the September 11th memorials on Staten Island, reflecting on the nature of remembrance and the dignity and pathos of timeless memorials. During this event, Snyder presented the Archives with a collection of his Staten Island photographs.

Syad Ahamed (Department of Computer Science), Ralph G. Giordano (Office of Campus Planning), and Sarah Schulman (Department of English) participated in the CSI Author Talks. Ahamed presented on the architecture of information systems, Giordano discussed social dancing in America, and Schulman talked about her new novel, The Child.

September 2007

Mark Schaming, Director of Exhibits and Programs at the New York State Museum, spoke on the more than six weeks he spent at the Fresh Kills landfill working with police officers, FBI agents and other key recovery personnel to facilitate the collection, documentation, and preservation of World Trade Center artifacts. Mr. Schaming designed the nation’s first permanent exhibition of artifacts documenting the September 11th attack, the World Trade Center: Recovery Response exhibition at the State Museum.

March 2007

David Mercaldo, author of Ferry, discussed his lastest book, Seamstress. The novel features five Italian-American women who work in the Lower Manhattan's Garment District during the Depression, World War II and post-war period and who would not let their love and friendship wane in spite of a changing world.

February 2007

Cleve Overton, author of In the Shadow of the Statue of Liberty: A Memoir of a Black American, commented on everything from his public battle against segregation at the old Bethlehem Steel on Staten Island to his campaign to raise awareness that the murals at Borough Hall negatively depict African American.

April 2006

Wilma Jones, Chief Librarian and Associate Professor at CSI, presented an exploratory talk based on her recent study regarding African immigrants on Staten Island. In her study, Professor Jones looks to the leaders in the African community in Staten Island to identify recurrent issues faced by this population.

March 2006

Rose Proscia, a CSI graduate student and daughter of Italian-American immigrants, discussed Miller Field and its evolution from Native American homestead in the 1520s to a hay farm in the 1840s to military airfield in the 1920s to its current incarnation as part of the Gateway National Recreation Area.

November 2005

Tamara Coombs, founding chair of the Ferry Riders Committee of the St. George Civic Association, held a discussion about the Staten Island Ferry as transportation, tourist attraction, and floating public space. She also spoke to the satisfactions and opportunities of creative volunteerism.

Associate Professor Richard Flanagan (Political Science) presented his research on the Staten Island secession movement, drawing on comparisons to secession movements and governance conflicts in other global cities.

October 2005

Professor Emeritus Daniel Kramer (Political Science) presented a lecture in which he argued that there is a competitive two-party system on Staten Island. While Staten Island “leans” Republican, charismatic Democrats who are seen as tough on welfare and crime, can win elections. The political differences between North and South Shore communities, as well as the role of incumbency and intra-party fights, were also considered.

April 2005

Dr. David Mercaldo discussed his novel Ferry, set in the early 1950s on Staten Island and Manhattan. Dr. Mercaldo, a resident of Staten Island, is an alumnus of Richmond College, where he earned a master’s degree in education. Mercaldo also holds a doctorate in humanities from Columbia University and was a public school teacher and administrator for thirty-six years.

November 2004

Dave Frieder, a well-known photographer of New York City's bridges, presented his work through discussion, film, and slides. This program was held to coincide with the celebration of the 40thAnniversary of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

September 2004

Jeff Kroessler, Oral Historian, moderated a CSI alumni debate on zero tolerance entitled Crime & Punishment: Does Zero Tolerance Make Us Safer? Several alumni from the legal and judicial fields participated in the debate.

March 2004

As part of Women's History Month, Eileen Monreale discussed her research on Mathilde Weingartner and her book, Mathilde Weingartner: A Staten Island Naturalist.

November 2003

Professor Sandra Roth, College Archivist and Information Services Librarian at Baruch College, gave a presentation on the history of the City University of New York.

October 2003

As part of the continuing series, "Conversations on Politics," Archives & Special Collections sponsored visits by Staten Island District Attorney candidates Dan Donovan and David Lehr.


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