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Finding Aid by Jacquelyn Ferry

Overview of the Collection

Collection No. : SIM-4
Title: Business & Professional Women's Club of Staten Island Records
Creator: Business & Professional Women's Club of Staten Island
Dates: 1935-2005
Extent: 4 Linear Feet
Abstract: The Business and Professional Women's Club (BPW) of Staten Island was founded in January 1936 as a chapter of the Business and Professional Women's Club of New York and as an organizational member of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women. The BPW supported and campaigned for several legislative reforms, and was also committed to expanding professional opportunities for members of the Staten Island community. The BPW organized an annual scholarship competition and held professional development and networking events. The collection contains organizational records, minutes, reports, membership rosters, correspondence, publications, news clippings, photographs, awards, and scrapbooks.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

The Business and Professional Women's Club of Staten Island Records, Archives and Special Collections, Department of the Library, College of Staten Island, CUNY, Staten Island, New York.


The collection was donated by Deborah Brehm on behalf of the Business and Professional Women's Club of Staten Island in March 2003.

Additional materials were donated in May 2005.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Jacquelyn Ferry and other staff.

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Access to this record group is unrestricted.

Copyright Notice

The researcher assumes full responsibility for compliance with laws of copyright. Requests for permission to publish material from this collection should be discussed with the Coordinator of Archives & Special Collections.

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Administrative History

The Staten Island Business and Professional Women's Club (SI BPW) was founded in January 1936 as a chapter of the Business and Professional Women's Club of New York and as an organizational member of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women (both established in 1919). The purpose of the club, as stated in the club's constitution, was "to promote the interests of business and professional women, to bring about a spirit of cooperation and to extend their opportunities."

The SI BPW formed as an outgrowth of the Bay Ridge Club in Brooklyn, which began seeking potential members in Staten Island in 1935. The club received its charter on January 24, 1936 from the state president, Grace Le Gendre. The club had 55 charter members and its first president was Anna M. Stillwell. Members of the SI BPW were also involved in the founding of two other BPW chapters on Staten Island, the Richmond County Club in 1972 and the Gateway chapter in 1985.

The SI BPW had a core slate of five officers: President, Vice President (later replaced by a 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President), Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer, as well as numerous committee chairs. Meetings were held twice a month (one meeting for the executive board and one general business meeting) except during the summer months. At the final general meeting of the season, usually held in April or May, officers and committee chairs submitted annual reports and new officers were elected. Staten Island chapter members were also active in district meetings and state meetings and conventions, with several members holding offices at the district and state levels. The club held numerous events throughout the year, including an annual membership tea, picnics, and summer outings to parks and theaters.

The BPW organization's activities focused on three areas: state and federal legislation, expanding professional opportunities for women, and community involvement. The BPW organization supported and campaigned for many legislative reforms, among them the Todd bill for mandatory jury duty for women, the Equal Rights Amendment, Equal Pay Act, Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.

The SI BPW was also committed to expanding professional opportunities for its members and members of the Staten Island Community. The club had guest speakers, forums, and networking events to further advance the goals and interests of professional women. The SI BPW worked with the Committee on the Status of Women, which aimed to keep government officials and the public abreast of issues concerning women. In addition, the SI BPW sponsored a Young Careerist Program as well as other networking events for the professional women of Staten Island.

As with other women's organizations, the SI BPW was actively involved in their community. During the Second World War, the club started a hospitality canteen in Tompkinsville and made visits to injured soldiers. Each year the SI BPW raised money through special events such as card parties and 50/50 raffles to benefit nursing homes, hospitals, and the state BPW scholarship fund. The club also sponsored its own annual scholarship contest, which awarded scholarships to recent high school graduates and women returning to school after an extended absence.

During the 2003-2004 membership year, membership in the SI BPW totaled 67 members. The club remains active in the Staten Island community and continues to hold professional networking events, an annual scholarship competition, and programs on the Status of Women.

List of Past Presidents, 1936-2005

1936-1938: Anna M. Stillwell
1938-1939: Thelma G. Voorhis
1939-1940: Regina H. Johnston
1940-1942: Alice Swain
1942-1944: Margaret Meurer
1945-1947: Carolina Piazza
1947-1949: Belle Schwab
1949-1951: Harriet Schelare
1951-1953: Alice Reichenbach
1953-1955: Loretta Baker
1955: Edna McCarthy
1955-1957: Dorothy Baylor
1957-1958: Dorothy Sabiston
1958-1960: Annette Cirbus
1960-1962: Dr. Anne Casper
1962-1964: Eleanor Ayoub
1964-1966: Rita Van Name
1966-1968: Dorothy Winter
1968-1970: Janet Forssell
1970-1972: Jeanne Klingman
1972-1974: Margaret Barry
1974-1976: Margaret Gardiner
1976-1977: Beatrice Elzer
1977-1978: Mildred Olsen
1978-1980: Ruth V. Kopf
1980-1981: Helen Still
1981-1982: Nella Wallace
1982-1983: Claire Pollak Guttsman
1983-1984: Donita Aruny
1984-1985: Helen Rufolo
1985-1986: Clare Sullivan
1986-1987: Betty Darcy
1987-1988: Ann Clinton
1988-1989: Dianne Frankel
1989-1990: Mona Bottiglieri
1990-1991: Martha Signorile
1991-1992: Joan Vera
1992-1993: Elisa Ferracane
1993-1994: Mary Lee Montalvo
1994-1995: Sandra Mazzucco
1995-1996: Bonnie Joy Freda
1996-1997: Cynthia McCloskey
1997-1998: Carol Lombardo
1998-1999: Edith Gunn
1999-2000: Ruby Taylor MacBride
2000-2002: Susan McAnanama
2002-2003: Deborah Brehm
2003-2004: Janet Leslie-Pierre
2004-2005: Elaine B. Croteau

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Scope & Content Note

The Business and Professional Women's Club of Staten Island Records consist of 4 linear feet of material covering the years 1935 to 2002. The collection contains organizational records, minutes, reports, membership rosters, correspondence, publications, news clippings, photographs, awards, and scrapbooks. While many of the series have significant gaps, the collection also has several areas of strength. First, there is a local organizational history written by the club historian in 1986 which includes a list of past presidents and a brief history covering the chapter's first fifty years. Also, the club's early years are well documented in the chapter records and Anna M. Stillwell scrapbook. Finally, there are several scrapbooks covering the first two decades of the SI BPW. The scrapbooks include minutes, reports, correspondence, news clippings, bulletins, and photographs, which in many cases contain material lacking from other series.

The administrative records comprise approximately half of the collection and although coverage is incomplete for many years, the administrative records contain the most comprehensive information regarding the club's activities. The chapter records form the bulk of the administrative records, with nearly complete coverage from 1936 to 1958 and 1970 to 1997. The chapter records contain material related to the administrative functions of the SI BPW, including minutes, reports, agendas, attendance records, and financial statements. Due to the existence of several bound volumes of continuously paginated minutes and reports, the chapter records subseries was created to include both executive board and general meeting minutes as well as material related to or submitted at these meetings. For example, any reports or statements made at a meeting are attached to the minutes, and any agendas or attendance records have been placed directly after the minutes to which they relate. Additional administrative records, including minutes and reports, can be found in the scrapbooks covering the following years: 1935-1938, 1955-1956, and 2000-2004.

The remainder of the collection consists of small series with mostly incomplete coverage. The membership rosters span the years 1953 to 1993 and contain detailed information about members of the SI BPW, including birth dates, addresses, occupations, and hobbies. The correspondence file contains scattered correspondence between the years 1936 and 1998, with the bulk of correspondence written between 1974 and 1985. Publications include both chapter bulletins and NIKE newsletters issued by the state chapter of the BPW. Additional chapter bulletins can be found in the scrapbooks in series 12. The media files consist of news clippings and a few press releases. The bulk of the media files are news clippings from the Staten Island Advance dating from 1983 to 2001. The scrapbooks also contain extensive news clippings from the 1930's through 1950's.

The bulk of the fundraising and special events series are subject files related to events and fundraising activities held by the SI BPW. This series contains uneven coverage of the club's special events and fundraising but it does include planning materials, financial records, programs, and clippings related to several events, with particularly good coverage of the membership teas held in the 1980's. There are several folders of photographs, many from the membership teas, although at this time many remain undated and unidentified. The printed material and memorabilia series each consist of one folder of mostly undated items.

The scrapbooks offer a rich collection of material covering the first two decades of the club. The Anna M. Stillwell scrapbook was compiled by the club's first president and includes news clippings, correspondence, bulletins, minutes, and reports covering 1935 to 1938. There are several other scrapbooks, which contain news clippings, programs, bulletins, and memorabilia. The program planning scrapbook from 1955 to 1956 also includes administrative records such as executive board minutes and reports. Much of the material in the scrapbooks covers gaps in the administrative records, correspondence, publications, and media files series. Whenever possible, this has been noted in the series descriptions.

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The Business & Professional Women's Club of Staten Island records are divided into 12 series and several subseries:

-Local Organizational History
-Constitution and By-Laws
-Club Procedures
-Chapter Records
-Draft Minutes
-District II Meetings
-State Meetings and Conferences
-NIKE Newsletters
-News Clippings
-Press Releases
-Subject Files
-Guest Books
-Award Submissions

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Index Terms

This collection is indexed under the following terms. Manuscipt collections are not included in the College of Staten Island's library catalog at this time.

Subject Names

Stillwell, Anna M.

Subject Organizations

Business & Professional Women's Club of Staten Island

Subject Topics

Staten Island (New York, N.Y.) -- History
Women in the Professions -- Societies and Clubs -- New York (State) -- New York

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Series Descriptions & Container Listing

Series 1: Organizational Records, 1936-1997. Seven Folders.
This series contains organizational information about the SI BPW. The series includes an organizational history, constitutions and by-laws with revisions, and club procedures.
Series 1 - Subseries A: Local Organizational History, 1936-1986.
The local organizational history covers the history of the club from its inception in 1936 through 1986. The history was compiled in 1986 by club historian Elisa Ferracane in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the SI BPW. The history includes a list of past presidents and a brief history of the club's major activities during each decade of the club's existence.
The local organizational history was submitted for the Public Relations Awards competition at the State Convention in June 1986. See Series 9: Awards and Certificates, Award Submissions, 1984-1986.
Box# Folder# Title
1 1 Local Organizational History, 1936-1986
Series 1 - Subseries B: Constitution and By-Laws, c. 1936-1997.
This subseries includes constitutions and by-laws, as revised from 1936 to 1997, and is arranged chronologically. The constitution and by-laws contain the regulations governing the SI BPW. The New York State BPW determined the basic form of the constitution and by-laws but revisions were made at the local organization level and were then submitted to the State By-Laws Committee and State President for approval.
Box# Folder# Title
1 2 Constitution and By-Laws, c. 1936
1 3 Constitution and By-Laws, c. 1937
1 4 Certificate of Incorporation and By-Laws, 5/65
1 5 Local Organization By-Laws, 9/85
1 6 Local Organization By-Laws, 1/97
Series 1 - Subseries C: Club Procedures, 1980-1985, n.d.
This subseries consists of club procedures covering the years 1980 to 1985, with several undated items. The subseries is arranged chronologically. This series contains procedures pertaining to the recording secretary and parliamentarian's duties.
Box# Folder# Title
1 7 Club Procedures, 1980-1985, n.d.
Series 2: Administrative Records, 1936-2005. Approximately 2 Linear Feet.
This series consists of administrative records from the club's inception in January 1936 through May 2005, with several gaps. Administrative records include meeting minutes, agendas, attendance records, annual reports, and financial records from chapter meetings, District II meetings, and state meetings and conventions.
Series 2 - Subseries A: Chapter Records, 1936-2005.
Chapter records include executive board meeting minutes, general meeting minutes, agendas, attendance records, reports, and financial records of the SI BPW. The series is arranged chronologically by seasons, which ran from May to April of the following year, with some variation. Meetings were generally held monthly with the exception of July and August. The series is comprised primarily of the minutes of the executive board meetings and general meetings. Agendas and attendance records, when available, are filed after the meetings to which they refer. Reports and financial records are filed chronologically or, when presented at a meeting, directly after the meetings at which they were submitted. At the annual meeting, which was the final general meeting of the season, annual reports were submitted by all officers and committee chairman. In addition, new officers were elected and installed at the annual meeting.
Minutes and annual reports are available for most years and offer the most comprehensive information about the club's activities during the previous year. However, coverage is incomplete for many years, with some years containing incomplete runs of minutes and no reports. The most notable gaps, for which we have no chapter records, are: July 1959 to April 1967, May 1977 to December 1980, January 1981 to January 1984, and June 1984 to October 1984.
Box# Folder# Title
1 8 Chapter Records, 1/36-6/36
1 9 Chapter Records, 8/36-5/37
1 10 Chapter Records, 6/37-5/38
1 11 Chapter Records, 6/38-5/39
1 12 Chapter Records, 6/39-5/40
1 13 Chapter Records, 6/40-5/41
1 14 Chapter Records, 6/41-5/42
1 15 Chapter Records, 6/42-5/43
1 16 Chapter Records, 9/43-5/44
1 17 Chapter Records, 9/44-5/45
1 18 Chapter Records, 9/45-5/46
1 19 Chapter Records, 9/46-6/47
1 20 Chapter Records, 9/47-5/48
1 21 Chapter Records, 6/48-5/49
1 22 Chapter Records, 9/49-5/50
1 23 Chapter Records, 6/50-5/51
1 24 Chapter Records, 6/51-5/52
1 25 Chapter Records, 6/52-5/53
1 26 Chapter Records, 6/53-5/54
2 1 Chapter Records, 6/54-5/55
2 2 Chapter Records, 6/55-5/56
2 3 Chapter Records, 6/56-4/57
2 4 Chapter Records, 5/57-4/58
2 5 Chapter Records, 5/58-4/59
2 6 Chapter Records, 5/59-6/59
2 7 Chapter Records, 5/67-4/68
2 8 Chapter Records, 5/68-4/69
2 9 Chapter Records, 5/69-4/70
2 10 Chapter Records, 5/70-4/71
2 11 Chapter Records, 5/71-4/72
2 12 Chapter Records, 5/72-4/73
2 13 Chapter Records, 5/73-4/74
2 14 Chapter Records, 5/74-4/75
2 15 Chapter Records, 5/75-4/76
3 1 Chapter Records, 5/76-4/77
3 2 Chapter Records, 1/80-4/80
3 3 Chapter Records, 5/80-4/81
3 4 Chapter Records, 5/81-12/81
3 5 Chapter Records, 2/84-4/84
3 6 Chapter Records, 11/84-4/85
3 7 Chapter Records, 5/85-4/86
3 8 Chapter Records, 5/86-4/87
3 9 Chapter Records, 5/87-4/88
3 10 Chapter Records, 5/88-4/89
4 1 Chapter Records, 5/89-4/90
4 2 Chapter Records, 5/90-4/91
4 3 Chapter Records, 5/91-4/92
4 4 Chapter Records, 5/92-4/93
4 5 Chapter Records, 5/93-4/94
4 6 Chapter Records, 5/94-4/95
4 7 Chapter Records, 5/95-4/96
4 8 Chapter Records, 5/96-4/97
4 9 Chapter Records, 1998-2002
4 10 Meeting Agenda, May 3, 2005
Series 2 - Subseries B: Draft Minutes, 6/89-4/93.
Draft minutes consist of notebooks and loose-leaf pages of handwritten minutes of the executive board meetings and general meetings from June 1989 to April 1993. The subseries is arranged chronologically.
Typed versions of these drafts can be found in Subseries A: Chapter Records, 1936-2002.
Box# Folder# Title
5 1 Draft Minutes-Executive Board, 6/89-1/91
5 2 Draft Minutes-Executive Board, 5/91-4/93
5 3 Draft Minutes-General Meeting, 6/89-1/91
5 4 Draft Minutes-General Meeting, 2/91-4/93
Series 2 - Subseries C:
This subseries includes minutes and reports from the District II meetings and is arranged chronologically. District II of the New York State Business and Professional Woman's Club encompasses all clubs within Kings, Queens, and Richmond Counties. There were at least two District II meetings each year, with the two main meetings held in the spring and fall. At the fall meeting, annual reports were made by each local chapter president. In addition, District II President's meetings were held throughout the year.
Box# Folder# Title
5 5 District II Meetings, 1969-1970
5 6 District II Meetings, 1971-1972
5 7 District II Meetings, 1973-1974
5 8 District II Meetings, 1975-1976
5 9 District II Meetings, 1977
5 10 District II Meeting, 4/20/91
5 11 District II Meetings, 1995-1996
Series 2 - Subseries D: State Meetings and Conferences, 1937-2004.
This subseries contains reports, registration forms, and programs for state board meetings and annual state conferences. The subseries is arranged chronologically.
Box# Folder# Title
5 12 State Board Meeting, 1/23/37
5 13 State Convention, 5/68-6/68
5 14 State Convention, 6/1/71
5 15 State Convention, 6/86
5 16 State Convention, 6/88
5 17 State Convention, 6/93
5 18 State Fall Board Meeting, 10/93
5 19 State Conference, 6/02
5 19.1 State Conference, 5/04
5 19.2 State Fall Board Meeting, 9/04
Series 3: Membership Rosters, 1952-1993, n.d. Five Folders.
Membership rosters consist of lists of members from 1952 to 1993 and is arranged chronologically. The rosters are incomplete with best coverage from 1952 to 1972. The membership rosters include information such as members' birth dates, addresses, professions, hobbies, and payment of annual dues.
See the Program Planning Scrapbook in Series 12 for membership rosters covering the years 1955-1956.
Box# Folder# Title
5 20 Membership Rosters and Record of Dues, 1952-1972
5 21 Membership Rosters, 1971-1974
5 22 Membership Rosters, 1983-1985
5 23 Membership Rosters, 1992-1993
    Membership Rosters, n.d.
Series 4: Correspondence, 1936-1988. Five Folders.
This series contains correspondence pertaining to administrative matters, membership, fundraising, special events, and correspondence with other chapters of the Business and Professional Women's Club. The correspondence is arranged chronologically.
Box# Folder# Title
6 1 Correspondence, 1936-1943
6 2 Correspondence, 1968-1970
6 3 Correspondence, 1974-1977
6 4 Correspondence, 1983-1985
6 5 Correspondence, 1986-1998
Series 5: Publications, 1956-2000. Six Folders.
Publications include the monthly bulletins of the SI BPW and NIKE newsletters published by the New York State Business and Professional Women's Club.
Series 5 - Subseries A: Bulletins, 1956-2000.
This subseries contains monthly bulletins of the SI BPW and is arranged chronologically. Monthly bulletins cover the following years: 1956 to 1957, 1979 to 1980, 1983 to1984, 1992 to 1993, and 2000.
See Series 12: Scrapbooks for additional bulletins covering the years 1947 to 1949, 1955 to 1957, and 2000 to 2001.
Box# Folder# Title
6 6 Bulletins, 1956-1957
6 7 Bulletins, 1979-1980
6 8 Bulletins, 1983-1984
6 9 Bulletins, 1992-1993
6 10 Bulletins, 2000
Series 5 - Subseries B: NIKE Newsletters, 1978-1980, 1982.
This subseries consists of newsletters of the New York State BPW chapter and is arranged chronologically.
Box# Folder# Title
6 11 NIKE Newsletters, 1978-1980, 1982
Series 6: Media Files, 1937-2001. Six Folders.
Media files contain news clippings and press releases from 1937 through 2001. The bulk of the media files are news clippings from the Staten Island Advance.
Series 6 - Subseries A: News Clippings, 1937-2004.
This series consists of news clippings from 1937 to 2004 and is arranged chronologically. The news clippings include articles about club events, scholarship and fundraising activities, elections, and individual club members. Most of the news clippings are from the Staten Island Advance and date from between 1983 and 2004. One folder contains clippings from NIKE Newsletters, the newsletter of the New York State BPW chapter. News clippings related to particular special events can also be found in Series 7: Fundraising and Special Events. Also, Series 12: Scrapbooks contains an extensive collection of news clippings from the 1930's through 1950's.
Box# Folder# Title
6 12 News Clippings, 1937-1978
6 13 NIKE News Clippings, 1976-1977, n.d.
6 14 News Clippings, 1983-1991
6 15 News Clippings, 1993-2001, n.d.
6 15.1 News Clippings, May 1, 2003-April 20, 2004
Series 6 - Subseries B: Press Releases, 1984, 1994, 2000.
This subseries contains press releases from 1984, 1994, and 2000 and is arranged chronologically. The press releases were sent to the Staten Island Advance to announce meetings, special events, and scholarship recipients.
Box# Folder# Title
6 16 Press Releases, 1984
6 17 Press Releases, 1994, 2000
Series 7: Fundraising and Special Events, 1955-2004. Approximately .5 Linear Feet.
This series consists of subject files and guest books pertaining to fundraising activities and special events held by the SI BPW.
Series 7 - Subseries A: Subject Files, 1955-2004.
The subject files contain information about fundraising activities, card parties, membership teas, and other special events. The files are arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically within subjects. The subject files contain programs, reports, correspondence, invitations, news clippings, and planning materials.
This subseries contains incomplete coverage of the club's fundraising and special events. However, there is extensive material on many of the membership teas and card parties, including lists of guests, detailed planning material, and financial records. Coverage is best for the membership teas held in 1985 through 1990.
Box# Folder# Title
6 18 Annual Networking Expo, 4/13/96
6 19 Annual Picnics, 1967-1970
6 20 Card Parties, 1955-1976
6 21 Community Fundraising Project, 1970-1971
6 22 Emblem Program, 9/18/84
6 23 Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration, 1/18/86
6 24 Individual Development Workshops, 1996
6 24.1 Installation of 2004-2005 Officers, June 15, 2004
6 25 Membership Brunch, 3/26/00
6 26 Membership Brunch, 4/3/05
7 1 Membership Teas, 1955-1985
7 2 Membership Teas, 1986-1987
7 3 Membership Teas, 1988-1990
7 4 Membership Teas, 1991-2002
7 5 Presidents Dinner, 6/13/81
7 6 Reach Out and Touch Someone, 1985-1986
7 7 Scholarship Fundraising, 1983, 1986-1987
7 8 Team Walk Walkathon, 1987-1988
7 9 Teens with Tots Program, 7/91
Series 7 - Subseries B: Guest Books, 1986, 1991-1997.
This subseries contains two guest books and is arranged chronologically. The first guest book is from the fiftieth anniversary celebration of the SI BPW, held on January 18, 1986. The second guest book is not labeled but contains a list of guests from 1991 to 1997, presumably from the executive board meetings.
Box# Folder# Title
7 10 Guest Book, Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration, 1/18/86
7 11 Guest Book, 9/91-5/97
Series 8: Photographs, 1967-2005, n.d. 12 Folders.
This series contains photographs taken between 1967 and 2005, including many undated and unidentified photographs. The series is arranged chronologically. The series includes photographs from fashion shows, membership teas and other special events as well as photographs of guest speakers, visitors, and scholarship award winners.
There are two folders of undated photographs. There is good coverage of the membership teas, with a large selection of photographs from the 1989 membership tea.
Box# Folder# Title
7 12 Photographs, 1967
7 13 Photographs, 1975
7 14 Photographs, 1979-1981
7 15 Photographs, 1986-1990
8 1 Photographs, Membership Tea, 3/5/89
8 2 Photographs, 1996-1998
8 3 Photographs, 2000
8 4 Photographs, 2001
8 5 Photographs, 2002
8 5.1 Photographs, 2004
8 5.2 Photographs, 2005
8 6 Photographs, n.d., Folder 1 of 2
8 7 Photographs, n.d., Folder 2 of 2
8 8 Negatives, Membership Tea, n.d.
Series 9: Awards and Certificates, 1975-1991, 2004 Approximately .5 Linear Feet.
This series includes award submissions, awards, certificates, proclamations, legislative resolutions, and plaques received by the club. Many of the awards were received from competitions at state conventions while others were given by outside organizations in honor of the club's charitable work.
Series 9 - Subseries A: Award Submissions, 1984-1988.
This series contains award submissions and entry forms to competitions at the state conventions. The series is arranged chronologically. The award submissions include entries for the National Program Award, Public Relations Award, and Emblem Award.
Box# Folder# Title
8 9 Award Submissions, 1984-1986
8 10 Emblem Award Submission, 1988
- Testing
Series 9 - Subseries B: Certificates, 1975-1991, 2004.
Certificates include contribution awards, certificates of appreciation, citations, proclamations, and a legislative resolution. The series is arranged chronologically.
Box# Folder# Title
8 11 Certificates of Participation, 1975-1991
8 12 Certificate in Recognition of Bicentennial Program, 5/76
8 13 Sponsorship Certificate, 5/77
8 14 Proclamation of National Business Women's Week, 10/79
8 15 Contribution Awards, 1984-1988
8 16 Citations, 1985-1991
8 17 March of Dimes Certificate of Appreciation, 1985
8 18 Legislative Resolution, 1/86
8 19 Certificate of Appreciation, 3/89
8 19.1 Award Certificates, 2004
Series 9 - Subseries C: Plaques, 1986-1988
There are three plaques given to the SI BPW in honor of their fundraising activities. The plaques consist of a NIKE Booster Award, March of Dimes Team Walk Award, and a key plaque from the March of Dimes.
Box# Folder# Title
Oversized 1 1 March of Dimes Team Walk Award, 1986
Oversized 1 2 NIKE Booster Award, 1987-1988
Oversized 1 3 March of Dimes Key Plaque, n.d.
Series 10: Printed Material, 1977-1993, n.d. 1 Folder.
This series consists of printed material from 1977 to 1993 with several undated items. The series is arranged chronologically. This series contains pamphlets, flyers, club collects and songs, and a glossary of common BPW terms.
Box# Folder# Title
8 20 Printed Material, . 1977-1993, n.d
Series 11: Memorabilia, 1993, n.d.
Memorabilia consists of three items: a delegate ribbon from the 1993 state convention, a cardboard BPW emblem, and a paper shamrock detailing the background and activities of Margaret Barry, a BPW member and former president of the SI BPW.
Box# Folder# Title
8 21 Memorabilia, 1993, n.d.
Series 12: Scrapbooks, 1935-2004.
This series consists of six scrapbooks covering the years 1935 to 2004. The scrapbooks are arranged chronologically. The series contains a scrapbook created by Anna M. Stillwell, founding member and first president of the SI BPW. The Stillwell scrapbook contains news clippings, correspondence, bulletins, and administrative records covering the club's formative years. The program planning scrapbook includes news clippings, photographs, correspondence, planning materials, membership rosters, and a full run of bulletins and executive board minutes for the 1956-1957 season. The other scrapbooks are comprised primarily of news clippings, programs, photographs, bulletins, and memorabilia.
Box# Folder# Title
9 1 Anna M. Stillwell Scrapbook, 1935-1938
9 2 Scrapbook, 1947-1948
- This is a preservation copy. See Phase Box 1 for the original scrapbook.
9 3 Scrapbook, 1948-1949
- This is a preservation copy. See Phase Box 2 for the original scrapbook.
9 4 Scrapbook, 2000-2001
9 5-7 Scrapbook, 2002-2004
Phase Box 1   Scrapbook, 1947-1948
Phase Box 2   Scrapbook, 1948-1949
Phase Box 3   Program Planning Scrapbook, 1955-1956
Phase Box 4   Scrapbook, 1955-1957

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